I prayed for you

Today is the first day of school….. When parents start thinking about their babies starting school they usually start praying. Praying for strength to let go of their babies. Praying that they make a smooth transition. Praying for the perfect teacher for their baby. Praying that their child will succeed in their first year of […]

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Don’t Trim the Hedges

It’s that time of summer where I start to pray and plan about this coming up school year. The last couple days I have had the urge to go up to school. I could feel God speaking to me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what he was saying. So,yesterday I finally decided […]

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Goodbye…. for now

We’ve made it to Friday! This is a happy and sad for me. Happy because I’m ready to see my baby girls and I’m ready for all of us to push back the darkness with the blazing light inside us all!! Sadness leaving all the amazing service projects we’ve been allowed to help. I’m actually […]

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Mind your weeds

“Mind the weeds in your garden first” is something I’ve heard said all my life. Simply meaning you don’t worry about someone else’s business because you got problems of your own.  The last two days as our service projects we’ve cleaned yards. Yesterday we worked with an amazing mentoring program here in Denver called Save […]

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Jesus is my Jam

GOODMORNING!!! This morning I’m on a dorm room couch in Colorado on the beautiful CCU campus. Today we will have our first service project! I’m up early every day and today was no different even though I was up until 12:15(1:15 Ar. Time) chatting with my roomies! As I enjoyed my walk around the grounds […]

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and we’re off!

For the next week follow my friend Crystal as she guest blogs about the mission trip they are going to be experiencing. Hey y’all it’s afternoon somewhere in the flatness of Kansas. I’ve been in the car four more hours than I’d care to be. We are on our way to Denver City Camp at […]

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I was at my mom’s house yesterday. Standing on the back porch with my aunt. We start discussing the tree that had fallen over in the back yard.  We’ve had quite a few strong storms here lately and there has been a lot of trees up rooted in our area which has lead to a […]

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